War Portal

War Portal, an all new trading card game that’s changing the way that people collect and battle with their cards. The game has a print on demand feature, making it so much easier for players to acquire cards rather than purchasing random ones.

The way that the print on demand feature works is that players select the exact cards that they want, eliminating the worry of getting duplicates or unwanted cards in a pack. Players can build their own deck exactly how they’d like, and they can customize each card within.

After a certain number of orders, the price will increase so that players can be assured there will still be rarity among cards. This helps to also ensure that players will face off against players with different decks too, which makes each playing experience different than the last.

The universe of War Portal takes place in a fantasy world, each character card having their own powers and abilities that make them unique from the rest. Not only that, but the intricate design of each character is unlike any other trading card game on the market. The beautiful designs truly push War Portal cards over the top to make them look stunning.

Currently a project on Kickstarter, players can back the campaign for as little as twenty five dollars and receive their own deck of War Portal cards as soon as they’re made available. In addition to this, the more that you pledge the more rewards you’ll get. One reward even offers the opportunity to create your own card and character with absolutely no limitations.

All instructions regarding how to play and what each character does will be found within the deck that you’re sent. Featuring so many different types of characters and various additional bonuses, players are guaranteed to have fun every game that they play and have a different experience each time.

War Portal can be played by those young and old, with a lot of experience or none at all. It can be played in official tournaments or just against friends and family. There’s no limits to who can enjoy this card game, it’s great for anyone of all ages.

Decks can be rather expensive to purchase for trading card games, even ranging up to $100 or more. These decks can include duplicates and unwanted cards, making the amount of money spent on them seem like a waste, especially if a player is looking for a specific card. Thankfully with War Portal, this isn’t an issue. Since you can select any card you’d like, the possibility of getting duplicates is completely eliminated.

If you’re interested in War Portal and what they have to offer, check out their Kickstarter page here. You can find all the information on when cards will be available and just how much you can pledge for certain rewards.