Travel In Time with the NES30 Bluetooth Controller

It is now three decades since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) first appeared on the market, and it proved to be a major hit with the general public. Millions of the systems have been sold over the years, and it kept Nintendo in the number one spot of the games console market for a long time. Eventually, time moves on and other consoles appeared to take the top spot, but many people still harbor a secret love affair with the NES. Although technology has massively improved since the eighties, Nintendo has taken advantage of our nostalgia and launched the NES30 Bluetooth controller.

This classic looking controller is not all that it seems to be. Although it looks and feels like the original, it is actually packed full of the latest technology. It gives the person that holds it the chance to go back in time and live those memorable moments that the original console produced. Though the gamepad is virtually an exact copy of the original, it does possess a USB port. While inside, it offers the latest Bluetooth connectivity so it can be paired with a number of modern devices. They have also added a few extra buttons so that it is easier to use, and offers the users more options.

The NES30 Bluetooth controller sold at 8bitdo USA is useful for a number of reasons. It has been designed to work on iOS and Android games that require physical user input. This can be via the Bluetooth, or a USB cable. Being able to use a controller on a smartphone or tablet can make a huge difference to the gameplay. What may be a great game, can be ruined by having to use the touchscreen to control it. With this gamepad that problem is easily resolved.

What really makes this controller exceptional, though, is when it is used with a classic Nintendo game emulator. This kind of software is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, and there is no shortage of classic games that can be downloaded. This means that all the games from the eighties can now be played on the latest technology with this new retro controller. This is like being able to travel back in time thirty years and be a part of the good old days when we would spend hours sat in front of the television playing games.


The NES30 Bluetooth controller allows the user to reprogram the buttons so that it is unique and comfortable to use. It also has a rechargeable battery that can hold a charge for around twenty playing hours. As it is only relatively small, it also fits snugly in the pocket so that games can be played while out and about. The online reviews of this product have been very positive, and it is likely that this will prove to be another success for Nintendo. Some games these days are too complex for many people, and being able to play the older games on new tech will certainly prove to be something special.