How to Standout with the Grand Theft Auto Look!

Whoever said that real men hate shopping for clothes has never played Grand Theft Auto V? If only clothes buying could be as simple as clicking a mouse button and hey presto you are wearing the designer clothes of your choice – alas technology hasn’t enabled us to go shopping like Franklin yet. However, when we shop online we are able to purchase our designer threads with a click of a button.

Buying clothes the Franklin Way

Franklin’s look and approach to life is very urban and chilled out, in fact he is so relaxed that time slows down during car chases and he is the only character that does not succumb to the Grim Reaper throughout the game. He completes his effortless style with very good choices of clothing – a style that can be replicated by all men who aspire to the urban image without the demands of stealing cars. At Standout we have explored different items of clothing that we believe Franklin would choose to wear.

Hilfiger Denim Peacoat Bobby Jacket

For the guy who wants to look stylish and understated at the same time, this dark denim coloured sweat jacket really gives the wearer an air of sophistication and being streetwise at the same time. The dark colour lends itself to being both practical and mysterious, ensuring that the wearer can participate in their everyday life with confidence and comfort.

Original Penguin Bright White Pin Point Small Logo T-Shirt

When choosing a suitable t-shirt to wear, when participating in gangster type activities, it is important that you wear garments that are understated and yet show that you are a master of style. This original Penguin white t-shirt successfully fulfils this requirement by having a discreet Penguin logo and good quality materials. When the day heats up this t-shirt would look superb with your Levi 501’s and Converse trainers.


Levis Hook Wash 501 Regular Fit Jeans

One item of clothing that every man should not be without, whether they are a doctor or a gangster, is a classic well designed pair of jeans. Denim is no longer the uniform of factory workers because we all wear it in many different shapes and forms, nearly every fashion designer and clothing company has made efforts to customise denim jeans to their own look. Levis however has remained at the top of the denim tree and its 501 range still impresses even the least fashion conscious amongst us. If you want to achieve a classic look just by exposing the label, these Levis 501 jeans would really fit the bill.


Converse Black All Star Ox Trainers

The resilience of Converse trainers in the fashion arena is amazing, as classical as 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible. Converse basket ball trainers have wowed us since 1917 with their unique style and hard wearing materials. They are like Levis 501 jeans in the sense that they are an easily recognisable brand that everybody would take pride in wearing. These trainers would finish off the Urban look very successfully.

The Car

Now we know that no outfit of Franklin’s was complete without a car or a truck that he had managed to steal. Obviously we are not suggesting that you copy the guys in Grand Theft Auto and start hotwiring cars around your neighbourhood and shooting policemen. All we want is for you to feel like the bee’s knees when you get out of your car to meet the people in your world.

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