SoSa Plays – Witch It!

A Journey Down A YouTube Rabbit Hole

With lockdown, I’ve been falling into the same trap as many others at the moment, constantly looking for some new things to pique my interest. 

Inevitably, this drives me to YouTube and in my travels down the YouTube rabbit hole, I discovered a game called Witch It!  The title didn’t tell me too much about it to be honest. I was ready to move on, but the graphics reminded me of Pandemonium, a game I loved when I was younger. 

I thought I’d give it a chance and just watch a few seconds and am I glad I did! 

The group of people playing, a community called SoSa, were having a blast and I honestly laughed at their reactions. It made me want to try the game.

Demos and some playthroughs can be boring and dry, focused more on mechanics and dynamics than the fun aspect, whereas this team of people truly showcased how much fun can be had with the game, boob and belly jiggle physics and all! 

I have never heard so much glee in someone’s voice as one user finding they can make their little hunter icon jiggle so much just by bobbing about!

The video starts with one of the players asking “Does anyone have any idea what we’re doing?” and as they throw a never-ending stream of potatoes (that splat!) and use a chicken as their guide in the hunt for the witches. 

The hunters jiggle in a giggle worthy way (even their ears flap about) and their hunt is punctuated by shrieks and squeaks as they home in on their witch adversaries firing a never-ending stream of potatoes. 

It took me a few moments to realise that the witches can turn themselves into every day objects to hide. I thought they were just on a wrecking rampage, firing potatoes off at lamps and candles! 

The hiders get a few seconds to sprint into the game map and pick an inconspicuous place and object as possible before their troll hunters come thundering out of the room, blasting potatoes and throwing their chickens about!

The players tease each other, playfully threaten to hunt each other down and make silly bets on who can be found as they try to beat the clock and win against their teams (which change round to round). 

Witty quips are followed with lots of laughter and commiserations as a team member is hunted down, with those that are already out or just spectating congratulating others on their hiding (or hunting) without giving the game away. 

These players made the game look so fun that I ended up checking them out and am seriously considering joining in, their game nights appear to be every two weeks and the organisers are open to suggestions as to which games they play – great if you’ve found a multiplayer than you think the rest of the world should learn about! 

As for me, I’m off to download Witch It and badger a few of my friends to do the same in an attempt to create the chaotic funny mayhem the SoSa group experienced!

Here’s the video if you’d like to watch the Chaos unfold!