SeQuEl: Play for the Power of Quantum Marks!

A card game for people that like coins, Trojan warriors, magnets, elements & who ever wondered if we are alone in the universe.

Players of card games, gold coin, Trojan warriors would definitely want to try SeQuel. It’s a game where you play as a Champion or Guardian for the power to bring an alien to Earth, or to stop him and keep us safe. Play cooperatively for the same side, or team up and compete to see which guild wins more power

Sequel is about catching particles from quantum foam which is bubbling all around us and amplifying their power to open a gateway between earth and the next dimension. The game is borne when the wife and children of a space weather scientist named Czarg are lost in a storm that the first nuclear detonation on earth created in the next habitable dimension.

SeQuEl has a turn-based trick-taking game mechanism. Play is simple and begins by dealing 5Q to each player. The core of game play is just comparing card values, as in war; although the leading player calls whether a High or Low number will win and there are 6 Special Forces that modify the players’ options and lots of in your face back and forth. You may notice that there are 118 Q which coincides with the number of elements on the periodic table. Playing SeQuEl players will become familiar with the names of the elements, their numbers, and the structure of the periodic table of elements.

After everyone in the round has had a turn to play the winner is the player who has the highest or lowest Q for the category of play in effect at the end of the round. The winner keeps all the Q played in the round, and the next round begins.

A scorecard is provided on which to track the Q won in each game. You can print more scorecards for free from You will notice that this is essentially a periodic table of the elements! Players keep and score Q they have won in any given round which greatly aids in creating and playing the game. A game of SeQuel is over when there are not enough Q left to deal an equal number to each player. In the final hand players will have fewer than 5Q each. The remaining Q are not used in the game.

Between games all players can track the Q that they won on their way to collecting – by winning in play, their own complete Qi of 118Q after which they can then become full-fledged Guild Members.

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