NASCAR Thunder 2002: Amazing Racing Simulator Video Game

NASCAR Thunder 2002

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NASCAR Thunder 2002 is a racing simulator video game designed and developed by EA Tiburon and launched by EA Sports that could be played on  video game  consoles like the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. It is the fifth in the NASCAR series of video games. It is also the first of the NASCAR series to have a new title. It is the first NASCAR game released for the Xbox and the second released for the PlayStation 2. Game modes comprises Create-a-car, Quick race, Season mode, Career mode, and Practice mode. The game features 35 drivers from the 2001 Winston Cup season and more drivers that could be unlocked.

Features Of NASCAR Thunder 2002

All 23 tracks from the 2002 NASCAR Winston Cup schedule have been included in the box for the first time. It also comes with another unique feature,i.e. Coca-Cola® Super speedway, a three-mile fantasy track with 36 degrees of banking and no speed-breaker plates! If any mistake is made at the end of the straightaway while doing 235 mile per hour in a tight pack of cars, the roof flaps are not going to save the driver. Another exciting new addition is the “Driving Lessons” section. If the player is new to racing on your PC the ten general driving lessons will give a head start. Though the driving lessons have been designed to train the novice,but those could teach lots of useful tricks to the experienced drivers also.

Enhanced Racing Features

The NASCAR Racing 4 engine has been more improved than before. It has also become easier to run on the short tracks and in heavy traffic. The artificial intelligence technique used in the previous version has been enhanced to make the simulations more stable under caution and even more aggressive under green-flag racing. With the improved artificial intelligence, pit decisions making process has become easier now.

Hardware Requirements

The game requires more hardware than N4 did. To play the game properly, Pentium III 800 processor and 64 MB video cards are essential.

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