Minomonsters Cheats


It is a role playing game with the touch interface, clearly enlivened by Rancher & Pokemon. It stars a wrecked ocean commander, and around twelve lovable small critters attempting to prevent abhorrent creatures from wrecking their homeland; the island. Players can traverse four areas, finishing little missions like Finding rare gemstones, Saving monsters, pollution control.

Like a Pokemon-roused transient game, the Minomonsters meets expectations. It’s an exceptionally straightforward ‘RPG’, however. There is no detail following, and not many moves, the game is more for kids. But still you can consider is as a too simple kid’s game, in light of the fact that there is a reasonable bit of test in the later stages, and decimating its devoid of level crushing for many attempts takes some methodology. The art style of this game conveys the experience. The creatures are charming, and the experience is completely energized. The point when my wonderful little gator utilizes a water strike, he has really raised back & impacts water at his adversary. Better than the Pokeman thing.

Minomonsters worth truly relies upon how anxious you’re for some beasts fighting on your touch panel. The game is quite realistic! Do you know about the recent announcement from minomonsters developers? They recently announced the new version of this game known to be ‘minomonsters 4’.

This version was long awaited because it will change the complete storyline. Many new things are launching with this update and you will also figure out some traditional items from the first versions. It is going to be an exciting phase for minomonsters lovers and we hear news related to newer version every day. In case you haven’t tried the old Minomosters, you can try this new one. I don’t know about all the things, but I am totally sure with the graphical qualities because they have to compete with many HD games. The previous versions are also in HD with deep rendering, but this has to be something really amazing.

The fans created so much hype and due to this everyone is expecting more and more from the developers. Because of this hype, they decided to redesign their complete site by re-coding it. I am sure they will fix the previous bugs too. Don’t know why, but I am considering this new version as a top game in the apple store chart. The minomosters is going to be huge it; mark my words. Let’s see how fast we will get the cheats and hacks for minomonsters 4.

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