HostGator Coupons Help You Save Up to 50% OFF on Hosting

Since so many people are starting to build their websites is important to know that when buying hosting with Hostgator there is a way to save a lot of money by using Hostgator coupons. Only few people are aware that by using Hostgator coupon codes they can save up to 60% on their total purchase. This discount cuts a huge portion of a price that is not low.

There are many websites where you can find a Hostgator coupon that will save you at least 50% off and my favorite is which always has the latest coupons. If Hostgator is doing some special promotion you will have all the fresh deals available on

Is there a difference with the discounted purchase?

When using Hostgator coupons to get a hosting account on Hostgator your plan and it privileges don’t change at all. The plan will be as same as the ones purchase without a discount. The only actual difference is in the savings. If you can pay half the regular price using discount coupons why you would pay the double? I’m just saying this because I encountered many people that are afraid to use discounts when buying online services like hosting and domain.

What coupon should I choose?

Hostgator-VS-AmazonBefore even using a coupon code you must first choose a one that is still valid. Note that you can choose different type of coupon codes. Some of the most used are the 50% off Hostgator coupon, the 30% off coupon and the free month of hosting which is sometimes also called the $9 off coupon. If you don’t know which coupon to use my advice is to choose the 30% off coupon because this is the only discount that applies to your total purchase amount. If you use the $9 off coupon the discount will be only for the first month.

How to use the coupon?

If you’re using the Hostgator coupons from the steps are really easy. All you have to do is copy any coupon you like, click the activate button to access through the discounted link, choose the plan and then once you’re on the billing page delete the coupon that is already there and paste the new one you just copied previously. On the bottom of the billing page you’ll be able to see the discount amount on your total purchase. This will mean that the coupon has been applied to your purchase amount.

If you’re interested in a VPS or a dedicated server plan from Hostgator on you can also find coupons for all these plans. The discount amount may vary depending on the type of plan but a discount is still better than the full price.

Thank you for reading this guide on how to find a Hostgator coupon 2014. I hope it helped you to find good resources for Hostgator coupons and hopefully you can use the saved money to buy other cool things that you’ll need when starting a website.

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