Gris – The Artistic Sidescroller to be Released on PC – Switch on December 13

After having touched our hearts during the last E3 thanks to its artistic visuals, Gris will be released December 13 on PC and Nintendo Switch under the leadership of Devolver Digital.

Presented as a “sensitive narrative experience” developed by Barcelona’s Nomada Studio, Gris will land on PC and Switch for €13.99. The game obviously focuses on its artistic visuals to offer an adventure “between visual agitation and quiet sound” in the very heart of sadness.

You play as a young girl full of hope who has lost her voice and is trying to retrieve it. To succeed in the game, you have to solve little complex puzzles and light sequences of the platform in order to discover the various evolutions of this character, perceptible visually on her dress.

There is nothing to fear in the game as the girl cannot die but she will develop new abilities using which you have to solve the trickier puzzles. Throughout the game, light puzzles, platform sequences, and optional skill-based challenges will unfold as the Gris world becomes accessible.

What I like the most about this game is that the scenic visuals are hand-painted, bringing a very special atmosphere to the game. Added to this is a very relaxing soundtrack and the immersion is epic. I am a big fan of sidescroller games especially when the game environment is so much incredible.

While Gris is yet to be released you can still play amazing side-scroller platform games like Limbo (Another great atmospheric puzzle game, my personal favorite), Inside (Another great puzzle game from PlayDead, the same developer which created the Limbo), Never Alone: Ki Addition, Shift Quantum, The Missing: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories, The Floor is Jelly, Unravel, Ori And The Blind Forest (This is another one of my favorite platformers with beautiful visuals, captivating gameplay, and a mysterious soundtrack) etc.