Fallout: New Vegas Review

Being a big lover of action games since I can remember, I must admit I really don’t have enough free time in my day during the work week to fill the seemingly unquenchable thirst I have for a day of intense, survival tactics encountered during the heat of battle with my favorite video games. Therefore I dedicate my Saturdays to ease the irritating withdraw symptoms I feel from my deficiency during the work week. Saturday is my day to let it all out. 

I consider myself ready to fight, or in this case “play”, once I have my military boots on and my survival knife on my side where I can grab the handle at regular intervals, believing it gives me a feel for the game, and therefore an edge for winning. I like to get things rolling on my day of dedicated conquest with Fallout: New Vegas, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda Softworks.

I must confess, I am an addict of “Hardcore Mode” on this one, launching me into the ultimate experience of survival tactics. This post-apocalyptic setting in Las Vegas following nuclear war between America and China gives way to surviving in a comparably intact city when compared to other U.S. Cities that suffered a much worse outcome from the war. Obtaining electricity and water, just to survive, from the tyrants and their henchmen who, not only control these vital necessities, but want anyone in view to be eliminated, is just part of the seemingly impossible challenge to avoid dehydration, injury and death.

The combat system experienced delivers the feel of first-person shooter including the use of insanely accurate weapon sights making this the ultimate all day adrenaline rush for an addict like me.

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