The Empowr Social Network’s Mission

Empowr is a social network that is pressing to change the method that the world helps individuals at all income levels. By sharing in all of the revenues that the website generates from the contributions that every individual user makes, Empowr feels that it could provide folks a chance and an outlet to share their knowledge and be economically compensated for it.

As wealthy as our society is today, there are people from all corners of the globe that currently subsist on less than $3 a day. To visualize the lack of possibilities available to these billions of people that reside in terrible destitution is to understand the goal of Empowr. By aiming to equip 4 billion people with the possibility to earn $25 or more per day through a simple process called democracy, Empowr is intending to do its part to make the Earth that we live in a better place for all people.

It might seem implausible, yet when a handful of self-directed and caring folks wish to change the method that the world survives in, they will find a method to bring possibility and access to the most disenfranchised amongst us. Allow us inform you how Empowr prepares to achieve these goals on the international stage.

The Empowr Opportunity for Change

From the past, we have learned that every country has needed to move past the farming and industrial revolutions before it reaches the success and infrastructure needed to get into the knowledge revolution. Empowr sees access to the internet and their platform as the technical change necessary for all individuals to move forward – regardless of the present state of one’s home nation.
The days of the majority of the population working hard in farming and industrial efforts to earn a meager living are over. Empowr uses the influence of their social network to provide opportunities for those much less likely to reach monetary protection on their own. Empowr is open to all continents, all countries, for people with all conditions, so that equality and the desire to improve thrives.

empowrWhiteBG00Typically, social networks are often viewed as widening the divide between the rich and poor, as a tool for exploitation by marketers; these skeptics are not consistently incorrect. Instead of being like the rest, Empowr’s objective is to bring human connections and individual value back to social networking.

In order to achieve this, Empowr thinks that the principle of democracy is needed. Democracy emboldens people to speak, share, and accompany others of similar thoughts operational of the greater good. Empowr is the very first and only democratic social network not beholden to its shareholders alone – it is a social network by the individuals and for the people.

In a democracy, you constantly have a voice, and at Empowr your voice chooses the company President and drives the social network in the direction that the masses desire.

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