Don’t Starve Together

There are a multitude of survival games on the market, but despite that, Don’t Starve managed to bring something new to the table. Its new graphics style and excruciatingly hard gameplay is one of the most appealing things you can find in such a game, and because of that the development team has thought about taking the experience to the next level with the Don’t Starve Together multiplayer version.

Don’t Starve Together is basically a multiplayer extension of the normal Don’t Starve that allows you to experience the survival aspect with a friend. You still get the roguelike elements, but this time you share the base with a friend and you need to make sure that both of you stay alive for as long as possible.


Upon starting the game you will be able to start crafting, but in order to do that you need to capture items in the game world and gather them as fast as possible. There is a counter that shows you how many days you survived, something that does manage to add quite a lot to the overall game experience, which is cool.

Despite the improved graphics and unique gameplay, Don’t Starve Together is a roguelike at heart, which means that you will die, and you will do that often. Death is permanent, pretty much like in Don’t Starve, so if you die, you need to get the game right from the start. This is something that makes the title different, because each time you get a new perspective and a fresh start that allows you to select better strategies at all times.

Although some might think that the multiplayer mode that comes with Don’t Starve Together might be just a cash grab, instead we feel that this is a natural evolution for the game. Don’t Starve was very fun, but surviving on your own does tend to be very limiting, not to mention that any game you play with your friends is a lot more fun regardless.

Don’t Starve Together also brings an easier combat, which is to be expected if you take into consideration the fact that there will be 4 hands instead of 2 that handle the enemies.

Graphically, Don’t Starve Together looks very nice and the graphics style is hand drawn, so the uniqueness is there, and so is the great level design like in the original game. The graphic design is created with scare in mind, and the game just manages to shine because of that. Sure, there are moments in which the game could look better, but for now Don’t Starve Together doesn’t have a full launch, so there are missing features and so on.

Overall, Don’t Starve Together is well worth your time, especially if you liked the first game or roguelikes in general. It’s a nice, exciting and funny game that you will appreciate playing, so check it out!

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