Cleaning my gaming area

I have the same routine every time I play any computer game: I like to have a clean gaming area, which I know is weird, so I quickly wipe down my desk, bust out my best vacuum for pet hair to get rid of any dog hair around my desk, and then I grab a beer from the fridge and settle in. I get in my comfy leather chair, put on my pair of sick Bose noise-canceling headphones, and get serious. Yesterday, I sat down and played “Blade & Soul”, which is a great game. Here is some background on the game.

Blade & Soul is developed by Team Bloodlust, and is published by NCsoft. It was originally released in June 2012, and has seen several new releases since then. It is a Korean fantasy martial-arts type of game, and an anime adaption of the game has been confirmed.

Blade & Soul is a martial arts game where users create playable characters that navigate around the world by competing quest assigned by various NPCs. The game uses a real-time battle system in the third person camera view and requires players to “combo” a series of attacks, much like those of fighting games. Blade & Soul also features an innovative “Downed” mechanic, allowing players to recover from the brink of death. Players begin with “player-versus environment” (PvE) but may participate in “player-versus-player” (PvP) combat later in the game.

The game has gone through many stages of development, most popularly for the PS3 and Xbox platforms. There will also be an anime version of the game, which is sure to draw some interest from gaming fans around the world.

The game is a pure joy to play. Its wonderful graphics, unique gameplay, interesting characters, and multi-level challengers make it a game that I come back to often. The thing I like about it is that it’s a true “gamer’s” game – what I mean by that is, the only people you’ll find playing Blade & Soul are people who are serious gamers, as its not a game enjoyed by your casual, average gamer.

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