Black & White:A God Game

Map of the Khazar Khaganate and surrounding st...

Map of the Khazar Khaganate and surrounding states, c. 820 CE. Area of direct Khazar control shown in dark blue, sphere of influence in purple. Other boundaries shown in dark red. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the launch of Populous in 1989, god games have been very popular in the gaming community. God game is basically an artificial game that pits the player against a divine and supernatural power to control the game on a large scale. Black&White is such a game,designed and developed by Lionhead studios. It was launched by Electronic Arts Inc and Feral Interactive for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft. An expansion named Black & White:Creature Isle and a sequel named Black&White 2 followed the original version.

Game Plot

The game begins with a dramatic situation. A new God, controlled by the player, is born by the prayer of two parents. The purpose of the prayer is to save their drowning child encircled by sharks in the sea. The new born God saves the kid from the jaws of sharks. After the successful rescue of the kid to the shore, the grateful parents lead the God to their village.  They plan to construct a bastion for the new God. But very soon it is found that several Gods exist with their citadel and followers. Every God wants to dominate the others. Among the all the Gods, one particular evil God, called Nemesis, wants to end all competitions and reign over the world. When the player’s citadel comes under attack from Nemesis, the player flees through a whirling vortex to a new island.

There, the player is welcomed by another God, named Khazar. Actually Khazar is the one who sent the mysterious vortex to rescue the player. Khazar asks the player to help him against another God,named Lethys,the subordinate of Nemesis. In return Khazar promises to provide resources to rebuild the player’s village. In the mean time, Nemesis obliterates Khazar. Lethys abducts the player and takes to another land through vortex. There the player is held by three magic pillars. To break free, the player must capture three villages. With the help of creed, the player achieves that and returns to the first island through a vortex. The first island is now attacked by Nemesis with fireballs,rain and lightning. There the player obtains the final creed ,destroys Nemesis and ends the attack forever.

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