Ambitious new Anime Card Game project

Creatives at Vira Loka Games are bringing to life an ambitious new Anime Card Game project that is giving us the feels of unpacking the first 150 Pokemon all over again. Inspired by their equally religious passion for both Anime and Asiatic Mythology, this team is beginning to release manga installments and V.1 Rules and Cards that will tell a rich story of ancient mythical demi-gods and monsters… and… wait, Gundams? That’s right—the lore behind this game, which the team is working on making a full animated series, is heavily inspired by Asiatic deities and monsters, BUT… it’s set in the near future, where real life looks a lot like the metaverse, as the writers pull heavily on beloved and trending anime tropes.

With the recent hype around the Vedic origins of some of the mysterious characters being revealed in the current One Piece arc, we can’t wait to see what this team of manga maniacs, with Sanskrit and Shinto scholars on staff, will do with an entire manga and gag show incorporating these ancient and little-known gods.

The beautifully-crafted Battle Cards are being game tested with their initial backers right now in order to ensure that the end game is one of the most enjoyable trading card games on the market. Once the starter box-set is released, the team has vowed to host Tournaments around the globe, ensuring that Vira Loka will enjoy a vibrant community for years to come. These cards will also be scannable and integrated with an ARX mode which you can view through your phone or other AR device to connect your cards to an integrated Lore Database and Collector’s Profile.

The team at Vira Loka is excited to follow up the initial success of their production phase Patreon campaign by teasing concepts for future projects in the same Vira Loka world of lore, including an MmoRpg with large scale PPVE, and an Animated Series, all to be released in integrated content waves with Vira Loka Battle Cards Expansions.

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