Zombie Tag Evolution- A New Addition to the Gaming World

Zombie Tag Evolution is a new addition to the gaming world. The game will take the player into the zombie world where he will either fight as a human against Zombie or act as flesh and bloodthirsty zombie. The game is an outbreaking inclusion in the long list of gaming applications people prefer to play these days. The game will help the player connect with the fellow gamers, explore new places around (some of which you will be surprised to know that they are situated in your vicinity) and develops the sense of safe and friendly community. It is a multiplayer, 3D chase game that will dwell you in Zombie Wonderland.

Tag 1-Geo-Location Features

As we all know geolocation games have taken the world by storm. People are more interested to play games which keep them socially engaged somehow. Zombie Tag Evolution brings you the feature of actual geolocation which allows the player to spot who else is playing nearby. It is a geo-positioning map based game where players falling in your locality within the radius of 30m to 60m can join you and other players in the game. This allows the players to either team up or competes with people around them.

Tag 2-Zombie Apocalypse

Gamers have always loved to play games where they have to survive a pseudo situation. This game serves as a platform where players can act like a human or zombie to overcome the challenges that come their way. The game will make the players feel as if they are in Zombie Apocalypse and have to survive through it. The game is a thriller both haunting and terrifying but interesting to play. It turns your surroundings into a post-apocalyptic landscape where dead bodies are lying everywhere and creepy flesh-hungry zombies going all on fours.

Tag 3-Earning Points

The levels in the games are brief which will not make the game boring for the player. The player who is playing as a human in the game has to manage to stay alive for as long as he possibly can to earn more points. Likewise, the more a zombie players bite or in the language of Zombie Tag Evolution tag humans the more points they will earn. The earned points can be used to buy cheat codes and cure to become human again.

The games are developed for all age groups whether you are a seasoned gamer or a kid who simply loves zombies. Zombie Tag Evolution also provides the players with customization options where it allows the players to design their own avatar doubling the fun of the game. The game is designed to perfection with excellent quality of graphics. The game provides the players with a vast variety of options comparatively better than the previous games with customization options and geolocation features. Zombie Tag will surely provide the players with a fantastic multiplayer and ultra gaming experience.

Zombie Tag is a GPS-enabled, multiplayer, chase game simulating the Zombie Apocalypse. Players either avoid/fight infection or infect. To all the gaming geeks out there, wait no more as it is your time to take over the Zombie world. If you’re interested in Zombie world, head on over to their Kickstarter page here.

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Fortitude of Empires

Are you a lover of board games and sci-fi universes? You can have the best of both worlds with the all new sci-fi inspired board game, Fortitude of Empires. This game is so packed full of fun times to be had and lore to learn that anyone would have a great time playing through this game many times.

Inspired by the famous movie series Star Wars, Fortitude of Empires comes together to create one of the most original and greatest board games of all time. Breaking free from the typical style of board games, Fortitude of Empires has so much to offer for its players.

Instead of just being a simple board game with rules to follow and a set way of playing, Fortitude of Empires offers an in depth experience to help players get immersed in to the game. Players can learn about the backstories of each character and the universe that the game is based in, making the whole experience much more than just a simple board game.

Learning about characters through their voiced monologues is one thing, but being able to experience these characters life through famous actors from the Star Wars film series is what really tops this game off. Jeremy Bulloch, the original Boba Fett, voices his own character in the game. In addition to Bulloch, there’s five other voice actors who all starred in the famous Star Wars movies.

Fortitude of Empires is played with two to four players in a couple of different game modes. For a more laid back, fun, and easier experience, players can opt to play the skirmish mode of the game. For those who desire the full experience of the game though, they can play it the normal way, which can take from one to three hours to complete. A great amount of time to be immersed into the game and play it in depth.

The gameplay of this amazing game can be a little complex, but none the less its so unique and different than any other board game. The main goal of the game is to travel from planet to planet, capturing and claiming them for yourself. You also visit other players’ planets to attack them and attempt to claim those ones for yourself as well.

If you’re interested in Fortitude of Empires and want to play this game for yourself, head on over to their Kickstarter page here. You can find out more information on the game and when exactly it’ll be released. If you’d like to make a contribution to the campaign, you can receive a game for yourself as soon as they’re made available. Depending on how much you pledge, you can even received signed cards from the voice actors in the game.

War Portal

War Portal, an all new trading card game that’s changing the way that people collect and battle with their cards. The game has a print on demand feature, making it so much easier for players to acquire cards rather than purchasing random ones.

The way that the print on demand feature works is that players select the exact cards that they want, eliminating the worry of getting duplicates or unwanted cards in a pack. Players can build their own deck exactly how they’d like, and they can customize each card within.

After a certain number of orders, the price will increase so that players can be assured there will still be rarity among cards. This helps to also ensure that players will face off against players with different decks too, which makes each playing experience different than the last.

The universe of War Portal takes place in a fantasy world, each character card having their own powers and abilities that make them unique from the rest. Not only that, but the intricate design of each character is unlike any other trading card game on the market. The beautiful designs truly push War Portal cards over the top to make them look stunning.

Currently a project on Kickstarter, players can back the campaign for as little as twenty five dollars and receive their own deck of War Portal cards as soon as they’re made available. In addition to this, the more that you pledge the more rewards you’ll get. One reward even offers the opportunity to create your own card and character with absolutely no limitations.

All instructions regarding how to play and what each character does will be found within the deck that you’re sent. Featuring so many different types of characters and various additional bonuses, players are guaranteed to have fun every game that they play and have a different experience each time.

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SoSa Plays – Witch It!

A Journey Down A YouTube Rabbit Hole

With lockdown, I’ve been falling into the same trap as many others at the moment, constantly looking for some new things to pique my interest. 

Inevitably, this drives me to YouTube and in my travels down the YouTube rabbit hole, I discovered a game called Witch It!  The title didn’t tell me too much about it to be honest. I was ready to move on, but the graphics reminded me of Pandemonium, a game I loved when I was younger. 

I thought I’d give it a chance and just watch a few seconds and am I glad I did! 

The group of people playing, a community called SoSa, were having a blast and I honestly laughed at their reactions. It made me want to try the game.

Demos and some playthroughs can be boring and dry, focused more on mechanics and dynamics than the fun aspect, whereas this team of people truly showcased how much fun can be had with the game, boob and belly jiggle physics and all! 

I have never heard so much glee in someone’s voice as one user finding they can make their little hunter icon jiggle so much just by bobbing about!

The video starts with one of the players asking “Does anyone have any idea what we’re doing?” and as they throw a never-ending stream of potatoes (that splat!) and use a chicken as their guide in the hunt for the witches. 

The hunters jiggle in a giggle worthy way (even their ears flap about) and their hunt is punctuated by shrieks and squeaks as they home in on their witch adversaries firing a never-ending stream of potatoes. 

It took me a few moments to realise that the witches can turn themselves into every day objects to hide. I thought they were just on a wrecking rampage, firing potatoes off at lamps and candles! 

The hiders get a few seconds to sprint into the game map and pick an inconspicuous place and object as possible before their troll hunters come thundering out of the room, blasting potatoes and throwing their chickens about!

The players tease each other, playfully threaten to hunt each other down and make silly bets on who can be found as they try to beat the clock and win against their teams (which change round to round). 

Witty quips are followed with lots of laughter and commiserations as a team member is hunted down, with those that are already out or just spectating congratulating others on their hiding (or hunting) without giving the game away. 

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