Super Beta Prostate Side Effects

Beta-Sitosterol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Men who are looking for ways to improve their urinary habits certainly have learned about the wonder product that is Super Beta Prostate. And they would even be more surprised to learn that it is an all-natural supplement, not a prescription medicine. That only means that it is made with plant-based ingredients – natural elements that could possibly improve one’s prostate and urinary conditions.

The side effects of Super Beta Prostate is mainly associated to its active ingredient, beta-sitosterol. Although Super Beta Prostate has a whole range of other ingredients, with most of which are vitamins, mineral and nutrients, its main ingredient usually comprises the highest milligram content of the product. Looking at the label, it says that Super Beta Prostate also has zinc, copper, manganese, iodine, chromium, molybdenum, selenium, Vitamin D, silicon, boron, vanadium, and germanium. But by further checking the content, it’s clear to see that beta-sitosterol gets the biggest share of all.

Going back to beta-sitosterol, scientists define it as plant sterols having structures similar to cholesterol. The first side effect of this active ingredient is associated to breast-feeding and pregnancy. Since those are women issues and Super Beta Prostate is used by men, this side effect is not of great concern.

However, one of the notable side effects of beta-sitosterol is the increased severity of possible heart diseases. Since the structure of this compound is similar to cholesterol, it may actually affect men in the same way. This side effect can be of great concern to men 40 years old and above who are at the risk of developing heart issues. If the patient is not aware of any heart problems he may have and he takes Super Beta Prostate, the effect could be severe. It is therefore important that individuals who want to use Super Beta Prostate to first take the necessary tests to determine the health of their heart. Those with heart dysfunctions are most advised not to take the supplement.

Another side effect of Super Beta Prostate related to the beta-sitosterol ingredient is sitosterolemia. This is an inherited disease that has to do with the body’s ability to store fats. If and when the patients of this disease take Super Beta Prostate without any medical intervention, their condition is expected to get worse.

These are the unknown side effects of Super Beta Prostate and it is very important that users become fully informed of each of these. It is the consumer’s responsibility to always check the ingredients list of any product, treatment, or supplement that they’d like to take. Be sure to find out all about the side effect of each, taking special note on the ingredients that you don’t know anything about.

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