Rumoquin NF

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Rumoquin NF is a drug that is supposed to be used to relieve pain.  Like all other drugs, Rumoquin NF has many side effects that people should be aware of before they start taking this pill.  Before we talk about all the possible side effects that come with taking this drug let’s look at what it’s used for.

Rumoquin NF is a pain reliever.  Many patients that have had a good experience with Rumoquin NF have taken the drug for arthritis, back pain, knee and joint aches, and for other reasons that involve wanting to relieve you from body pain.  Rumoquin NF includes a steroid that is supposed to help the body get stronger, but also comes with many side effects.

The risks and side effects can only be listed from data taken from studies and from people that have taken this drug and reported their side effects. You should always keep in mind that there might be some more side effects that haven’t been reported and everyone reacts differently to different drugs.

·         Expanding Blind Spot: even though it is extremely rare, an expanding blind spot is one of the side-effects recorded that have been reported when they take Rumoquin NF.  Your vision is linear and your blind spot is at the corner of the eye, kind of like when you are driving, if you are experiencing this side effect, you will lose the ability to properly use your eyes.  Some reviews have reported that this side effect with reverse when medication is no longer taken.

·         Weight Gain: Patients in trial studies have had side effects of weight gain while on Rumoquin NF.  Weight gain is one of the most common side effects no matter what drug you take, but many people experienced extreme weight gain. Then on the other hand some people experienced the opposite and lost an extreme amount of weight.

·         Drowsiness:  Sleepiness and reports of being extremely tired have been reported from using Rumoquin NF.  This is extremely common.

·         Irritability:  Some people who have taken this pill experienced large shifts in their temper and attitudes.  The side effect is a result of the main steroid of Rumoquin NF.

·         Nausea:  This is the most common side effect, nausea, occurs in many patients who do not handle medicine well. If you know your body does not handle medicine well than you might want to rethink taking this drug.

If you are taking this drug and you are seeing any signs of these side effects you should makes sure to talk to your doctor.

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