Marine Phytoplankton Scam?

Supplement vendors and enthusiasts regard marine phytoplankton as a superfood, having the ability to cure lots of health problems. Some even claim that phytoplankton supplements contain every single nutrient the human body needs to work at its finest. However, how far such claims are true is up for debate.

What are marine phytoplankton?

So, what are marine phytoplankton anyway? Phytoplankton are tiny plant-like organisms that live in oceans and large lakes, forming the basis of food chain in the marine world. They not only produce a large part of the oxygen the animal world uses to survive, but also remove a huge percentage of carbon dioxide from the air. Pale green in colour, these single-celled organisms play a significant role in the world in more ways than one, leading many scientists to study them carefully.

What are phytoplankton supplements about?

In the form of supplements, marine phytoplankton are advertised as having the power to cure lots of diseases. Their makers and sellers claim that these supplements can detoxify human cells, cure cancer, relieve diabetes, jumpstart DNA, and provide many other health benefits. Most of these supplements carry labels such as ‘all natural’ and ‘100% safe’.

What are their side-effects?

The problem with phytoplankton supplements is that it is not certain whether they are safe to use, or not. Reputed experts all around the world seem to disregard the idea that phytoplankton supplements ensure some kind of magical solution. While it is not yet fully known what side-effects such supplements can cause, there are other issues associated with using them. Authorities that approve supplements for market presence do not really require their manufacturers to prove that their supplements really work. Besides, till date, a number of clinical trials and studies have found that marine phytoplankton are unlikely to be effective against serious health conditions. Also, there is no guarantee that these supplements contain no components that are toxic to human health. Other than that, it is a known fact in medical circles that most vendors use fake customer testimonials to lead people astray, in an attempt to sell their supplements.

Risk tends to be associated with the use of almost any kind of supplement, and when it comes to marine phytoplankton supplements the stakes are even higher. If you think that you have a problem and a good marine phytoplankton supplement can solve it, make sure that you approach your physician for advice first.

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