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What You Should Know About Using Spiriva for Bronchospasm Prevention

The presence of bronchospasm, which refers to the narrowing of the lung airways, can make a patient miserable. Fortunately, the medication called Spiriva, when used in the right way, can treat the condition and provide relief.

What is Spiriva?

Spiriva is a kind of bronchodilator. It works by relaxing the muscles that can be found in the airways. The medication proves to be useful while treating bronchospasm in patients suffering from COPD, emphysema, or bronchitis. The reason it proves to be effective when it comes to treating bronchospasm is because it can increase flow of air into the lungs.

How to use it

There is a specific technique of using the medication. Spiriva is meant to be used with the help of a device called HandiHaler only. Directly consuming a capsule can be dangerous, and hence, absolutely not recommended. Also, use of more than one capsule at once is not recommended. Other than that, while the use of the medication can prevent the occurrence of bronchospasm attack, in case bronchospasm attack has started already it is best not to use it.

When to avoid it

Anyone who is allergic to ipratropium for tiotropium should avoid relying on Spiriva. Also, those who suffer from kidney disease, allergy to milk, enlarged prostate, or narrow-angle glaucoma should maintain extra caution while using the medication. Caution must also be taken if a patient already uses medications for diseases such as Parkinson’s, IBS, high blood pressure, muscle spasm, and overactive bladder. Whether the use of Spiriva can harm a pregnant woman or her unborn baby is not yet known. However, before starting to use it, seeking advice from a qualified doctor is recommend.

Common side-effects

The use of Spiriva is known to cause both mild and serious side-effects. Among the mild side-effects caused by its use, constipation, vomiting, muscle pain, dry mouth, sore throat, sneezing, and nosebleed are noteworthy. On the other hand, serious side-effects include urination issues, white patches in mouth, blurred vision, rapid heart rate, wheezing, chest pain, and breathing trouble. Sometimes, the use of the medication can trigger allergic reactions, too, like hives and swelling of tongue, face, throat, and lips.

Spiriva contains components which can act quite dangerously if enough care is not taken. Because of this reason, it is absolutely essential that a patient consults a good doctor before beginning to consume the capsule with the help of a HandiHaler device.

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